Vagabond Ink Tattoo

Vagabond Ink sits in the heritage district of Singapore. Since our doors opened in the middle of 2010, words have gotten around and the love has been heartfelt. The strangers to friends and loyal supporters of VI made us very proud artists.

This journey has been crazy, at times hazy, but the love for what we do keeps us going. Thank you for walking with us.

We are not different, we are just trying to make a difference.

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Before you decide that it is high time for you to get a tattoo, please take time to read these. Enquiries can be sent via or simply get in touch with your favorite artist directly. Vagabond Ink specialises in customised tattoos and by appointments. Walk-in hours are Mon-Sat, 2pm till 8pm if you want to swing by, but do fix an appointment if there is a particular artist you are looking for. We aren’t always in and even when we are, we are usually quite busy.
Come loaded, we take cash only.

Updated March 2014.